Thursday, September 15, 2011

Installation Night is a red letter day for the LEOs. The purpose of holding Installation Night is to install new members of Leo Club and Committee board of Leo Club. It also acts as a farewell party for the outgoing members and committees This year, the 35th Installation Night of LEO Club SMK Air Putih is held at the poolside of Vistana Hotel, Kuantan. Attractive flyers were distributed and tickets were sold in order to invite people who are interested in joining the night. At the end, we were able to sell more than 100tickets. In other words, more than 100 guests including members, students, representatives attended our night.

*Flyer of 35th Installation Night of LEO CLUB SMKAP

*Tickets sample of 35th Installation Night of LEO CLUB SMKAP

The night started arround 8pm after all the VIPs arrived to the poolside. After all the guests are seated. National anthem and LEO pledge titled "I Pledge" were sung. Next, a flag salutation is given by Leo Goh Yong Yie. Then, welcome songs are performed. This time, we were able to invite Chee Yan (Sin Chew Sunshine Girl 2011) and Liru Wong. Both of them are talented in singing and "Rolling In The Deep'' was being sung by them. Later, after performing the song ''Lazy Song", Leo Kong Juan Jien sang his favourite love song "First Experience of Love'' and brought romantic and calming surrounding feelings.

*Chee Yan and Liru Wong were performing 'Lazy Song'

*Leo Kong Juan Jien was singing 'First Experience of Love'

After singing welcome songs, speeches were given by Organizing Chairman of the night-Leo Lam Chin Yit, Lion Wong, Lion Karen Nah and also Principal of SMKAP- Mr Nanda. The dinner started after they gave the speeches. Guests were able to enjoy a feast with a buffet-style dinner. There were more than 30cuisines to choosing. After enjoying the dinner, it was the installation of new members as well as new committee members of LEO Club SMKAP. It was also the climax of the night. Then,LEO Chang Chung Wei, new president of LEO Club SMKAP gave a talk.

*Lion Wong was giving his speech

*Lion Karen Nah was giving her speech

*Mr Nanda was giving a talk and advices

*Dinner Time

*Installation of new LEO members of SMKAP

*Installation of new secretaries

*Installation of new Vice Presidents

*Installation of new President

*Installation of new committee members

*Speech is given by Leo Chang Chung Wei (president of LEO CLUB SMKAP 2011/2012)

Afterwards, it was the time for lucky draw and unlucky draw. We have prepared amazing hampers and also some creepy prizes too. We shall thanked to Leo Aw Heng Hui for sponsoring the hampers and prizes. Next, Incentives are given to active LEO members who passes the PMR and SPM with flying colours. In addition, as a token of appreciation, committee members of LEO CLUB SMKAP 2010 received award provided by the Lions. Besides, souvenirs are given to representatives from Lionsclub, LEO CLUB of SMKTP and SMK Cenderawasih, representatives from SABS, MGS and SMK Alor Akar.

*Lucky draw

*Incentive presentation to Leo Low Hui Hui (8A's in PMR 2010)

*Incentive presentation to Leo Low Ying Ying (8A's in PMR 2010)

*Incentive presentative to Leo Yaw Mei Sim ( Straight A's in SPM 2011)

*Incentive presentation to Leo Tan Teng Fatt (Straight A's in SPM 2011)

*Award presentation to Leo Yaw Wai Joon

*Award presentation to Leo Tan Yan Jin

Great performances are continued after incentives, awards and souvenirs presentation. First, there was a Solo by Irene. Irene is an exchange student of SMKAP from Spain under AFS. She sang two songs besides playing piano. She performed very well and received a round of applause. Next, there was a beatbox show by Ultimate Beatbox feat. Tan Yew Seng. Ultimate beatbox an experienced beatbox team starring Yaw Wai Joon and Tan Kuok Zhen. Ultimate beatbox has just won the second runner up of a competition held by MyFM. Afterwards, It was the Live Band!!!! The Band members are Max Wong , Kok Leong, Jasmine, Kong, Chee Yan and Liru. Their performance was great and made the night ROCKS~ ROAR! Wonderful Dances by UNKNOWN are followed after the live band. The dancer were hot and sexy!
*Solo by Irene

*Beatbox by Ultimate Beatbox feat. Leo Tan Yew Seng

Live Band starring Liru Wong, Chee Yan, Juan Jien, Max Wong, Kok Leong and Jasmine Chua


Time of Happiness always passes quickly. Without a moment,the night reached to its end. Many people took photos for memories. The night is held successfully and able to bring fun as well as happiness to the guests. Although there were some technical problems, the organizing committees overcome the problems. Once again,the fruitful night plays the role as an evidence which proves our strength and potential of LEOs. We have learned a lot of things and acquired myriads of experiences from the night. Next year, the 36th of Installation Night of SMKAP, we hope that we can reduce our mistakes and problems and make the a great and amazing night. ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!

*Photography Session

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